3 Tips to Prepare Your AC System for the Upcoming Cooling Season

Spring is here, and the temperatures in Roxboro, North Carolina, are starting to warm up. If you haven’t already, you’ll likely turn your air conditioning system on soon. But you shouldn’t do so without first preparing it for the upcoming cooling season. Here are three tasks every homeowner should complete to prepare their AC system:

Change the Filter in Your AC System

The filter in your air conditioner helps trap particle pollutants. As a result, it stops them from recirculating in your home’s air supply and collecting in the ductwork. Ensuring the filter is clean is vital for your AC system.

Check the filter in your air conditioner every month, and change it at least once every 90 days. The start of the cooling season is the perfect time. A clean filter will help your AC system operate efficiently all spring and summer. As a result, you’ll keep energy bills under control and minimize your risk of a serious breakdown on a hot day or night.

Clear Debris From Around the Outdoor Unit

Winter’s volatile weather has likely made a mess of your backyard. Twigs and other impediments may have fallen on or around your outdoor AC system. Take some time to clear this debris, ensuring the unit has at least three feet of clearance. Also, to avoid flood damage from summer storms, consider positioning the unit on a high concrete slab.

Schedule Professional AC Maintenance

Seeking professional help is the best way to make sure your AC system can cool your home without wasting energy. Your service technician can also take steps to protect it from storm damage. By signing up for a residential HVAC maintenance agreement, you’ll take one giant step toward lowering energy bills and reducing the risk of breakdowns.

Are you ready to schedule your professional AC maintenance service before the cooling season starts? Contact Ted’s HVAC, Plumbing & Electrical at (919) 823-7344 to learn more about the residential maintenance services we perform.

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