Why You Should Keep Snow Off Your Durham, NC, Heat Pump

Snow doesn’t last long when it falls in Durham, NC. But when it does, it can affect your heat pump and how well it warms your home. Consider these important reasons to keep your heat pump free from snow:

Maintain Heat Pump Efficiency

Snow collecting on the heat pump restricts the air moving through the outside unit. As a result, the refrigerant cannot absorb the heat needed to maintain your home’s thermostat setting. Consequently, the pump will run constantly, increasing your electric bill.

Prevent Excessive Wear

When a heat pump cannot circulate the proper amount of air, it increases the strain on the entire system. The fan motors experience increased resistance, creating more heat in the motor and accelerating the need for repairs.

Minimize Damage From Melting Snow

As the snow melts, it’ll settle between the fins on the coils and potentially between the coils themselves. When temperatures dip below freezing again, it can push against these areas as the water expands. The result is damage to both of these areas that can create airflow restrictions and refrigerant leaks.

Similarly, any part of the exposed outside unit could crack and break when subjected to freezing snow and ice. This could result in a complete system failure, which may require replacement. If the area experiences a significant snowfall that takes a while to thaw, you might want your system checked out when things return to normal to ensure it hasn’t suffered permanent damage. Scheduling a repair or maintenance service is the best way to ensure your system is in good condition.

Call to schedule your heat pump maintenance with one of our NATE-certified service technicians at Ted’s HVAC, Plumbing & Electrical. We’re happy to offer suggestions on the best way to shelter your outdoor condenser unit from the elements.

Image provided by iStock

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