Why Does My AC System in Roxboro, NC, Have Ice On It?

An air conditioner with ice on it can be a source of concern and frustration for many homeowners in Roxboro, NC. Ice buildup on the interior components of an air conditioner is often an indication of deeper issues within the system itself. Here are some reasons your AC system might have ice on it:

Low Refrigerant Levels

The refrigerant absorbs heat from the air; when it’s low, there isn’t enough to absorb the necessary heat. Consequently, the temperature of the AC system can drop below freezing, causing moisture in the air to freeze onto it. Regular checks and refrigerant top-ups and other frequent AC repairs can prevent this issue.

Blocked Evaporator Coil

When dust, dirt or debris clogs evaporator coils, it restricts the airflow and causes the temperature to drop. As a result, the moisture on the coil can freeze, leading to an icy buildup.

Incorrect Thermostat Setting

If the thermostat is set too low, the AC system might run continuously, which can cause the coils to get excessively cold and freeze. Also, if the air conditioner is set to “fan” instead of “cool,” it’ll blow cold air without running the compressor. This can also result in ice buildup.

Insufficient Airflow

If the air filter is dirty or the system has blocked ductwork, air can’t flow freely. This means the refrigerant can’t absorb enough heat, leading to a drop in the coil’s temperature and subsequent freezing. You should change your air conditioner filter every 30-90 days to prevent this issue.

Outdoor Temperature

If the temperature outside drops too low, your AC system may struggle to function properly, leading to a drop in internal temperature and ice forming on it. This happens when the thermostat is too low for the current outdoor temperature. Adjusting the thermostat can reduce this issue.

Understanding the potential reasons behind ice buildup on an AC system can help you take steps to prevent it and have peace of mind. Contact Ted’s HVAC, Plumbing & Electrical if you need AC installation or repair services for your air conditioner. We have the experience and expertise to help you get the most out of your AC system.

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