4 Signs You Already Need a Commercial AC Repair This Cooling Season

Operating a business in Durham, North Carolina, takes a lot of hard work. Whether you own a restaurant, retail store or office space, you know how vital a fully functional air conditioner is to your success. If you suspect a problem, you must repair it right away to avoid aggravating your employees and customers. Here are four signs that you might already need a commercial AC repair this cooling season:

Higher Monthly Cooling Costs

Compare your cooling bills from this time last year to this year. Is there a significant difference? If so, your air conditioner could be overworking to cool your commercial space without you even knowing it. A comfort advisor can inspect your commercial air conditioner to see whether there are any lingering efficiency issues.

Strange Sounds That Disrupt Employees

Depending on the size of your commercial space, your employees or customers might hear an HVAC system with problems make loud and strange sounds. The smaller your space, the higher the chance of someone noticing. If your commercial HVAC system is making banging or squealing sounds, turn it off. Contact a professional to take a closer look.

Hot and Cold Spots Around Your Office

Numerous things can cause uneven cooling around your commercial space. Your commercial air conditioner might be sized too small for your building, or you could have damaged ductwork. If you notice hot and cold spots in your restaurant, retail store or office, let a professional diagnose the issue and repair it right away.

Unpleasant Odors Your Customers Hate

Customers don’t want to dine at your restaurant or shop at your store if it smells like an old shoe. Who wants to bite into a delicious dinner while smelling decay? Many issues can cause unpleasant odors, including microbial growth and refrigerant leaks. A refrigerant leak is an AC repair that a professional should always handle.

Do you suspect your commercial air conditioner isn’t operating as it should? Contact Ted’s HVAC, Plumbing & Electrical at (919) 823-7344 to schedule an AC repair or preventive maintenance.

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