4 Signs Your Heating System Needs Professional Attention

A modern heating system delivers superior performance when maintained well. Still, sometimes these systems need repairs. The surest way to avoid loss of heat in your Durham, NC, home is to recognize heating system problems in their earliest stages.

Uneven Heat Distribution

Have you noticed certain parts of your house aren’t as warm as others? Sometimes the lack of window or door insulation or closed air vents causes these problems. When these issues prove not a problem, the most likely reason for uneven heating is a damaged furnace. A qualified service technician must identify the underlying issue and make appropriate repairs.

The Unit Short Cycles

On average, it takes heaters 10-15 minutes to complete a heating cycle. If you notice the heater turns on and off within a minute or two of turning on, the unit is short cycling. Heaters that short cycle wear out faster and might stop working completely. You want to determine the root cause of the short cycling right away. Common issues that lead to this problem include:

  • Thermostat positioning.
  • Oversized heaters.
  • Damaged low-pressure control switch.
  • Circuit breaker problems.

Unusual Noises

All heaters make noises when they turn on and off, but the noise level shouldn’t seem excessive. Unusual sounds such as banging, popping, screeching or whining signal a system issue. Heaters make strange sounds when an internal component like a belt, fan blade or screw has come loose. Get in touch with a service technician when you hear weird sounds. Get repairs right away and prevent more serious problems.

Increased Energy Costs

Most people assume their rising electrical costs have to do with higher energy prices. Yet, when energy costs rise out of the blue, the culprit’s usually the home’s heating system. Problems like clogged filters, vents or ducts can cause a sudden increase in energy costs. Leakages in the system and old age also contribute to rising costs.

Don’t put off calling for heating system repairs if you suspect a problem. Call Ted’s HVAC, Plumbing & Electrical to schedule furnace repair, heat pump repair or a tuneup today!

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