Diagnosing 3 Common Ductless Heating Noises in Timberlake, NC

One of the chief perks of buying a ductless heating system is the extraordinarily quiet way it can operate. Thus, to hear yours making odd noises might be especially distressing. Read on to learn three different sounds that might come from your ductless heating system in Timberlake, NC, and what they mean.

Normal Ductless Heating Noises

To truly be able to detect abnormal noises, you need to be able to compare them to normal ones. With that in mind, here are some sounds coming from your ductless heating system you don’t need to worry about.

The most obvious of these is the low hum that mini-splits make during normal operation. It’s also common to hear whirring or clicking noises for a short time after starting the system following a long period of inactivity. The sound of rushing fluid might also fall into this category.

Lastly, you may occasionally hear a loud swooshing noise coming from your mini-split system. This means it’s in defrost mode due to some ice forming on your outdoor condenser unit.

Abnormal: Hissing or Whistling

High-pitched whistling can be especially annoying, but this is fitting because the problem it typically points to requires immediate action. When your ductless heating system starts hissing or whistling, it almost always means that some refrigerant has leaked out of it.

Perhaps there are holes in the system’s refrigerant lines, or maybe a valve has sustained damage. A trained service technician should diagnose this problem and fix it while performing a tuneup or repairs.

Abnormal: Rattling

Rattling sounds often mean that some part, like a fan blade, has come loose. Another possible explanation is that debris is clogging your condenser.

Don’t ignore loud, unusual noises coming from your ductless mini-split. Treat them like cries for help. Call us at Ted’s HVAC, Plumbing, & Electrical to schedule ductless services in the Timberlake, NC, area.

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