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Heat Pump Maintenance in Chapel Hill, Durham & Roxboro, NC

Your heat pump system is a long-term investment in your home and is essential for the comfort of you and your family. Heat pumps are your home’s source of air conditioning in the summer and heat in the winter.

In order to protect your investment, it’s important to regularly maintain your system to ensure everything is working correctly and at maximum efficiency. With proper care and routine heat pump maintenance services, your system will offer superior performance, energy efficiency, and reliable comfort for decades.

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Benefits of Heat Pump Maintenance

The benefits of routine heat pump maintenance reach far and wide for homeowners. Just as your car needs routine tune-ups, so does your heat pump system. Routine, regular heat pump maintenance offers benefits including:

  • Lower repair costs: Minor problems are easier and less costly to fix when performing preventative maintenance before they become major issues.
  • Improved air quality: Your system is designed to filter out air pollutants in your home and does better when your system is clean and in good order.
  • Lengthened lifespan: The better you care for any mechanical system, the longer it will last. With routine heat pump maintenance and annual tune-ups, you can be sure the lifespan of your system will be increased.
  • Lowered energy costs: With a well-maintained system that is operating at peak performance, your system will not have to work as hard to provide the same amount of comfort and will ultimately save you on cost.

What You Can Expect During a Heat Pump Maintenance Appointment

During a routine preventative service for your heat pump, your technician will perform specific tasks to ensure your heat pump system is in prime operating condition. During your visit you can expect:

  • Full comprehensive inspection: Your Ted’s HVAC technician will inspect all of the internal moving parts, as well as all electrical components of your system.
  • Unit performance: Your technician will check the system’s refrigerant levels, airflow, and more, making sure your system is performing with maximum output for continued comfort.
  • Safety issues: Your technician will inspect all areas of your system that may pose safety issues including wiring, venting, and power inputs.

Ted’s HVAC offers preventative maintenance plans for our residential and business customers. Our Peak Performance Program includes two scheduled maintenance visits per year to maintain efficiency and performance throughout the seasons. Your visits will include a complete and comprehensive system cleaning and inspection to make sure your system is ready for both the heating and cooling seasons.

A Trusted Name for Heat Pump Maintenance in Roxboro

Ted’s HVAC is the trusted name when it comes to heat pump maintenance services in North Carolina. We care about the comfort of our customers and it shows! We truly believe it is our dedication to providing excellent customer service and superior workmanship that has helped us earn our valued reputation with our neighbors in the community.

If you are ready to schedule your heat pump maintenance services or have questions about our Peak Performance Program, contact us today!

Our Service Area for Heat Pump Maintenance

We proudly provide HVAC services to the following cities and town in North Carolina:

  • Roxboro
  • Timberlake
  • Chapel Hill
  • Durham
  • Hillsborough
  • Graham
  • Mebane
  • Burlington
  • And more!