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Ductless AC Systems in Chapel Hill, Durham & Roxboro, NC

If you’re remodeling your home, installing an HVAC system in a home with no ductwork, or just want greater control over the temperature in each room, a ductless AC system might be perfect for you. These systems are easy to control and can be installed in just about any home, regardless of the structure of the current HVAC system (if one exists).

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How Does A Ductless AC System Work?

These innovative systems offer you and your family comfort in a compact unit without the need for ductwork. Each indoor unit is installed and mounted in an unobtrusive area, requiring no large holes to be made through walls or ceilings during installation. These units act as an air handler for each room.

These indoor units are attached to a small outdoor unit with straightforward conduits that handle the electrical and refrigerant elements. These units can be operated individually, room by room—giving you the freedom to effortlessly cool each room in your home with AC zoning and maximum efficiency. Each outdoor unit can be connected to up to 4 indoor units. The great thing about this feature is that the conduits can reach as far as 50 feet, which means they can be connected to nearly any room.

Benefits of a Ductless AC System

There are a wide variety of benefits you can enjoy when you choose a ductless AC system. Zoning is simple, allowing you to individually control the temperature in each room. In addition, these 4 indoor units can be added individually—so don’t worry if you aren’t sure exactly how many units you may need in the beginning. Here’s, even more, benefits you can look forward to:

Energy Savings

Ductless AC systems also work in a variety of ways to help you save energy. The most obvious of ways is with the ability to program your system to only cool the rooms you need. This reduces the amount of energy you use without sacrificing any comfort.

Did you know that with a traditional AC system, the number one cause of efficiency loss is leaky ductwork? Compared to a traditional HVAC system, your ductless mini-split system offers help you avoid the most common of HVAC problems altogether!

Peace and Quiet

Because the noisiest components of this system are located within a small unit on the outside of your home, all that is left for indoor components are the evaporator and a close-to-completely-silent fan. You and your family are left to enjoy your time spent at home without the nuisance of a noisy system to interrupt.

Increased Security

You simply can’t have too much security for your home. Window units, as well as, through-the-wall air conditioners offer intruders an easily accessible opportunity to enter your home. Because a ductless system only requires a three-inch hole during installation, your home security features are enhanced and increased.

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