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Boiler Repair in Durham & Chapel Hill, NC

If you need boiler repair, don’t hesitate to contact us today! The last thing anyone wants is a broken or malfunctioning heating system! A boiler can be one of the strongest and most effective methods for heating your home in the Durham and Chapel Hill areas. We take pride in our boiler repair services that enable your system to perform optimally. If your boiler is malfunctioning, don’t hesitate to give us a call  at 919-404-7957 to schedule boiler repair. When many people think of North Carolina they think of the milder weather, but it can get cold in the winter!

Signs You Might Need Boiler Repair

Often times, it won’t be difficult to notice when something is wrong with your boiler. This is helpful, because it makes it easier to respond quickly to problems. It is always best to contact us as soon as you think something may be wrong—that way we can repair the problem before it possibly escalates to something more serious.  If you notice any of these things be sure to give us a call:

  • Leaks. While you’re more likely to see a leak in an older boiler, they can occur in newer boilers as well. A leak can be related to a loose valve or pipe damage. It can also be an indication of boiler tank damage—in that case you may need boiler replacement (we can handle that, too). Either way, it is best to contact us quickly to deal with the problem appropriately.
  • Strange sounds. If you’re hearing deep, rumbling sounds it is not only alarming—it’s also a possible indication of a problem that needs repair. If you hear those noises (known as kettling) or anything else unusual,your boiler likely needs some sort of repair. Certain noises could indicate a loose or damaged component. Noises like this necessitate a quick response to prevent further boiler damage.
  • Poor heat output. A boiler that fails to heat your home properly is usually a boiler in need of repair. This can be the result of a boiler that’s overheating because of an accumulation of deposits in the system or a faulty/old component.
  • Failing or malfunctioning pilot light. Do you have a tricky pilot light that is refusing to stay lit or burning a different color than usual? It’s worth having it looked at by one of our professionally trained staff members. We’ve seen a lot and are confident we can locate the relevant issue to get your boiler performing optimally.
  • Unusual or foul odors. If a metallic, sulfurous, or rotten egg-like smell is coming from your boiler, it could be the first sign of a gas or oil leak. Such leaks are serious safety threats.

While these different items can be related to issues of varying severity, it is important to act quickly and call Ted’s HVAC if you are experiencing of these things to diagnose the situation and schedule repair accordingly.

Call Ted’s HVAC For Boiler Repair Today in Durham & Chapel Hill, NC

If you are experiencing anything from the list above or anything else that you think requires repair, don’t hesitate to call Ted’s HVAC today at 919-404-7957! We have a proven track record of success in Durham, Chapel Hill and the surrounding communities. We take pride in serving our neighbors’ boiler needs. We don’t just perform boiler repair—we offer a range of boiler services including installation, replacement, repair, and maintenance.