4 Reasons to Avoid DIY Electrical Repairs in Mebane, NC

In the last decade, DIY projects have become popular thanks to home improvement shows and online tutorials. But is it safe to perform electrical work on your own? Here are four reasons to avoid DIY electrical repairs in Mebane, NC:

Prevent Fire Risks and Property Damage

One of the disadvantages of DIY electrical work is it increases the risk of property damage. An inexperienced person is more likely to make mistakes when fixing the wiring or replacing a receptacle.

Wiring mistakes can lead to faults in the circuit. According to the NFPA, electrical issues are responsible for 39% of house fires in the United States.

Most fires occur in the cold months when people are using space heaters and other energy-demanding appliances. An electrical fault can be dangerous during this season. Consider consulting an electrical services team for an inspection of your home.

Avoid Electric Shock Hazards

Professional electricians have to undergo hundreds of hours of training to become certified. Part of the training involves learning how to maintain safety when working with the electrical circuit.

High voltage circuits can be dangerous because even one wiring mistake can have devastating consequences. Touching a loose live wire from junction boxes or the circuit breaker can cause a fatal shock.

Comply with Code Regulations

In many jurisdictions across the US, you have to comply with regulations when handling electrical work. The code for Alamance County requires a permit for any electrical repair, installation and relocation of outlets and appliances.

Even the repair of the same type of outlet requires a certified electrician. Failure to comply with these regulations can incur heavy fines.

Keep Your Home Insurance

Home insurance companies are aware of the high risks of DIY electrical work. If there’s an electrical fault that ends up causing a fire, you may lose your policy.

It’s worth noting that the insurance may still disregard your policy even if you were unaware of the electrical faults in your home. That’s why you must consult a certified electrician for regular inspections.

You don’t have to risk property damage or hefty fines. You can rely on our timely electrical services. Contact Ted’s HVAC, Plumbing & Electrical for a 90-day guarantee for all electrical work we perform in Mebane.

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