5 Reasons to Avoid DIY AC Installation in Durham, NC

The air conditioner you want to install in your Durham, NC, home will keep you cool and comfortable. Tackling the installation as a DIY task might appeal to you if you want to save on labor costs, but it’s not a good idea. Here are a few reasons to avoid DIY AC installation and leave it to the professionals:

You Won’t Save Money

Installing your own air conditioner will end up costing you more money than you save. If something requires fixing, that responsibility winds up being yours.

Improper installation could lower your home’s value due to corrective work being necessary. You also won’t have access to the wholesale prices that professional service technicians do.

Certifications Needed

AC installation falls under the umbrella of both municipal and state regulations, and you may not even know the codes and rules that apply. Many of them require specific licensing for anyone who wants to use the refrigerants that AC systems use, and hiring a professional proves faster and cheaper than getting your credentials. Doing DIY work can also void warranties on HVAC hardware that you buy or install on your own.

Safety Matters

Doing your own work instead of using professional AC services can jeopardize your safety and health. AC systems have chemicals and electrical components that can prove harmful when handled incorrectly. Professionals have training and proper gear to avoid electrocution, burns and poison.

Ductwork Complicates Things

Installing ductwork is complex work that involves cutting into your home’s physical infrastructure, and that’s rife with opportunities to damage your house. Just physically installing it involves a lot of precise measurements and labor. Improper installation may not hurt your home, but it certainly will reduce your AC system’s efficiency and operational abilities.

Experience and Equipment Are Necessary

AC installation professionals already have the knowledge and equipment to handle the work. Where you might have to find certain tools and parts, they already have them or can get them easily. If you run into a problem that you may not be able to handle, a licensed service technician would know how to resolve it.

A DIY attitude at home helps you take true ownership of your residence and could even save you money, but an AC installation shouldn’t fall under that category. Contact us at Ted’s HVAC, Plumbing & Electrical for all your air conditioning installation needs in Durham, NC.

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