A ductless air conditioner can give you exceptional comfort and indoor air quality while slashing your utility bills. Like all air conditioners, though, ductless mini-splits can develop problems due to normal wear and tear. If your ductless AC system in Chapel Hill, NC, has started experiencing issues, ask yourself these four questions before scheduling a repair:

Is the Compressor Dirty?

Your ductless AC system relies on the compressor to regulate the refrigerant’s temperature. If dirt starts accumulating on the compressor, this component can start malfunctioning. To see if your compressor needs a cleaning, shine a flashlight down your outdoor AC unit.

Is the Drain Line Clogged?

It’s easy to overlook a clogged drain line. The easiest way to clear up your drain line is to pour a bit of vinegar down the line and give it a few hours to eat through anything in its way. If that doesn’t help, schedule a ductless AC system repair.

Does Your Ductless AC System Have Adequate Power?

Under no circumstances should anyone but a professional service technician attempt to fix a wiring problem. With that said, it’s safe to pop the opening on your breaker box and take a look at the switches. Your ductless mini-split probably uses multiple circuits, so make sure each of the relevant switches are in the “on” position.

Can You See Any Dirt on the Coils?

Your ductless system’s condenser and evaporator coils can both attract dust, dirt and grime with regular use. Fortunately, cleaning the coils is a simple job for an HVAC professional. Schedule ductless AC maintenance to resolve this issue.

Do you suspect that your ductless AC system might need a few repairs? Contact Ted’s HVAC today to speak with an experienced service technician about our ductless repair and maintenance services.

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