Is Air Conditioner Maintenance Necessary?

Spending money on your air conditioner when it is not broken can seem like a waste. After all, if it’s running well, shouldn’t you just let it do its thing and be happy? Yet at Ted’s HVAC, Plumbing & Electrical, we believe in helping our clients prevent problems with their air conditioners before they start, and that requires proper maintenance. Here are some reasons why air conditioner maintenance is essential.

Routine Maintenance Costs Less Than Routine Repairs

Routine maintenance often allows you to avoid an unnecessary repair. The relatively low cost of maintenance is almost always cheaper than the high cost of repair, not to mention the frustration of being without a working air conditioner for several days. With our Peak Performance Program, you can save even more on your maintenance by paying just one low monthly fee and enjoying included maintenance at the start of the cooling season.

Maintenance Keeps Your Warranty Valid

If you have a manufacturer’s warranty on your air conditioner, take a closer look at the warranty information. Many companies, including Trane, require you to keep your air conditioner maintained in order for the warranty to remain in effect. If you fail to maintain your unit, and have a problem that you would normally turn in to the manufacturer’s warranty, you may find that it’s no longer valid.

Proper Maintenance Keeps Your System Alive Longer

The expected lifespan of an air conditioning system is 10 to 15 years. Maintenance helps you keep your air conditioner running closer to the 15 year mark instead of the 10 year mark. Just like your car needs an oil change to stay running, your air conditioner needs a regular tune-up too.

Investing in Maintenance Lowers Your Energy Bills

Your air conditioner has moving parts that need TLC to work at their best. The system can also collect dust and debris that need to be cleaned off in order for it to function efficiently. When you don’t address these problems, your system will still function, but not at an optimal level. This means you can suffer from inflated energy bills. Regular maintenance will keep your energy bills low.

You’ll Know About Big Problems Before You Have an Emergency

Finally, when you schedule a maintenance appointment before the cooling season hits, you will have the confidence that comes from knowing your AC is ready for the summer. If there are problems brewing, you will get a heads up so you can address them before you end up with a system that won’t work in the dead of the hottest summer heat.

Schedule Your Maintenance Appointment with Ted’s Today

As you can see, maintenance isn’t just an afterthought. It’s a necessity. Schedule your maintenance appointment with the team at Ted’s today, and give your air conditioner the best chance at serving your family well throughout the summer. Don’t forget to ask about our Peak Performance Program when you call.

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