How is Ductless AC Different From Central Air?

Choosing an air conditioner is an important decision because it can determine your energy usage and level of indoor comfort. Ductless AC and central air conditioning are the two main options available, and they differ in a few ways. Read on to understand which to choose for your Roxboro, NC, property.

Don’t Have Dirty Ducts

Ductless AC systems are ideal for those who suffer from allergies because they don’t have any ducts where dust and dirt can settle. The filters in ductless systems can catch more contaminants compared to central air conditioners. That’s because the feature multi-stage filtration. Ductless systems can also remove particle pollutants more effectively because they stay on longer because of their variable-speed fans.

Require Fewer Repairs and Less Maintenance

Ductless AC systems generally require less maintenance than central air conditioners. That’s because they don’t have ductwork to inspect. You won’t have to hire a service technician to seal leaks or add insulation. Ductless systems are also smaller. However, you’ll still need to hire a professional to replace the filter and check the unit for developing issues every year.

Offer More Energy Savings

Ductless AC systems help you save more energy because the fans can change in speed depending on the conditions in the building. The system works at full speed before changing to a lower speed and maintaining the temperature for added savings on the electric bill. Air produced by a central air conditioner has to travel through the air ducts and can leak out, which can waste more energy. Ductless systems deliver conditioned air directly into a living space.

Are you debating whether to invest in a ductless AC system or central air conditioner? Call us at Ted’s HVAC, Plumbing & Electrical to schedule an appointment with one of our service technicians to learn more about a ductless AC and its benefits.

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