Home Automation Zoning Offers Comfort, Convenience and Cost Savings

Do you want to save money on your energy bill? Do you want to increase your household’s comfort? Installing home automation zoning in your Durham, NC, home helps you meet these goals.

Lower Your Energy Costs

Most households have heating and cooling systems that run too often. The HVAC system runs too much because it doesn’t know any better. With home automation zoning, you control which rooms in your home get heated and cooled. The technology makes your home more energy-efficient. It also saves you money on your energy bills each month.

Manage Your Household’s Temperature from Your Smart Devices

Why spend money heating and cooling an empty house? Installing a smart thermostat with zoned features gives you more control. Program the thermostat to run less when heating or cooling an empty house. Before returning home, use your smartphone or tablet to adjust the temperature to optimal levels. Home automation zoning keeps your home at the perfect temperature 24/7 without wasting energy.

Achieve Optimal Comfort for Everyone in the Household

Zoned heating and cooling makes everyone happier. Enjoy fewer complaints from your spouse or kids about being too cold or hot. Since comfort levels vary, you have to find solutions for everyone. Zoned systems let you set the temperature in different living areas or bedrooms based on everyone’s personal preferences. Everyone gets their needs met, and you hear fewer complaints.

Today’s climate control technologies allow for more comfortable and convenient living for everyone in the household. The technology raises your home’s value and saves you money. You might even get away with installing a smaller HVAC system. By not heating and cooling the whole house at once, you don’t need as big of a system to do the job.

For many people, home automation zoning raises many questions. Want to learn more about how this technology works? Call Ted’s HVAC, Plumbing & Electrical to speak with a professionally trained comfort expert.

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