Duct Inspection Required

leaky duct systemsI have often seen an old dental adage that states, “ignore your teeth and they will go away” 😂. Having your teeth cleaned & checked supports a healthy set of choppers for life long service. Our teeth, while often overlooked, are a vital part of our overall health. Like teeth to our physical health, duct work is an often overlooked but vital part of our Heating & Air system. Our HVAC systems draw air from our home, conditions it through a heating or cooling process then returns it to our living space. Our duct systems effect the Indoor Air Quality of our living space as well as the cost of system operation or energy bill. Properly sized, installed, & sealed duct systems support long system health, our overall comfort, as well as our physical health as we breath the air it circulates. Leaky duct systems contribute to high energy bills as well as unhealthy IAQ. Be sure to have your duct system inspected for leaks & cleanliness to encourage long system life & healthy Indoor Air Quality.

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