Don’t Delay Your Fall Furnace Tuneup in Roxboro, NC

Fall has arrived in Roxboro, NC, meaning that residents can expect cooler temperatures. Before running your furnace, ensure that you get routine maintenance for several benefits, including improved efficiency. Read on to find reasons a fall furnace tuneup is vital.

Keep Your Home Safe for Winter

It’s unsafe to get stuck in cold temperatures during winter. Similarly, cracked heat exchangers, blocked vents or dirty burners can cause carbon monoxide leaks because you use the furnace more in the cold months. A fall furnace tuneup detects carbon monoxide leaks and fixes them to keep your home safe throughout winter.

Reduce Possibility of Unplanned Breakdowns

A fall furnace tuneup enables the service technician to detect minor repairs before they become more significant problems. It reduces the risks of emergency HVAC repairs throughout the winter, the worst period to experience furnace breakdowns. Service technicians also use fall tuneup appointments to clean the system to prevent repair needs during the winter months and improve efficiency.

Extend Your Furnace’s Lifespan

You can extend your furnace’s lifespan by a significant time if you maintain it before fall. Since the furnace works extra during the cold months to keep your home warm and comfortable, it might strain. Fall maintenance ensures that the system is up to the task, which helps in prolonging its life.

Better Indoor Air Quality

Furnaces collect grease, pollen and dust. These particles circulate in your home after turning on the system. Fall maintenance eliminates the buildup of dust particles that could contaminate your indoor air quality. Improve your home’s air quality with a fall furnace tuneup.

Lower Energy Bills

Fall maintenance aims at ensuring that your furnace functions optimally, lowering monthly energy costs and reducing environmental footprint. Energy costs are likely to increase because your furnace runs throughout the colder months. Fall tuneups prepare your furnace for longer working hours by checking the heat exchanger for cracks and other components to optimize its efficiency.

These are some of the reasons you shouldn’t skip furnace maintenance this fall. Hire a service technician to maintain your furnace to enjoy the above benefits. Give Ted’s HVAC, Plumbing & Electrical a call today for other services like duct cleaning, heat pump installation and HVAC repairs.

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