Differences Between Single- and Variable-Speed AC Systems

Choosing between a single-speed air conditioner and a variable-speed AC system in Hillsborough, NC, doesn’t have to be so hard. And if you never knew that you had options to begin with, let us explain the differences. Single- and variable-speed AC systems differ in how they cool your home, and both come with pros and cons.

Single-Speed AC Systems: An Overview

Chances are that your current AC system is a single-speed air conditioner. We know these as the most traditional type of AC system: It simply turns on when the temperature dips below your set point, cools your home at one steady speed, then shuts off.

One advantage to single-speed air conditioners is their low upfront cost. On the other hand, because they always run at 100% capacity, they use a lot of energy. And note that nothing wears out an AC system more than starting it up all the time.

What Variable-Speed Air Conditioners Do

Variable-speed AC systems can adjust their speed during each cycle, even to the point where they don’t turn off. If the AC system were noisy, this would pose a problem, but most makes and models operate quietly.

Moreover, this constant adjustment means the AC system doesn’t have to run at 100% capacity all the time; some, in fact, can operate at as low as 25% capacity. This translates to energy savings and a lower monthly bill overall. These AC systems also don’t wear out so soon because they don’t switch on and off so frequently.

Cost and Other Factors

The upfront cost for a variable-speed AC system is higher. Besides that, the average AC repair will cost more. Before you choose a system, you’ll need to consider this and other factors like the size of your home.

Here at Ted’s HVAC, Plumbing & Electrical, we have NATE-certified service technicians to perform our AC installations, so call today if you’re thinking about installing a variable-speed air conditioner. We guarantee your 100% satisfaction, and we’re a proud member of the Air Conditioning Contractors of America.

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