3 Concerning Heat Pump Odors and What They Mean

Since heat pumps shouldn’t generate any smells while they function, noticing any kind of odor coming from your system should be cause for concern. However, some of these troublesome odors are more common than others, and they tend to indicate fairly definite problems. If you notice any of these three odors coming from your heat pump in Timberlake, NC, they’re likely caused by one of these common issues:

Ether or Chloroform

If you notice this smell, you should be confident that refrigerant has somehow leaked out of your heat pump, whether through a hole in the system’s refrigerant lines or by some other means. The odor should also be somewhat sweet.

As soon as you’re sure that your heat pump has a refrigerant leak, we recommend leaving your home and requesting professional assistance. Refrigerant is toxic, and you shouldn’t attempt to refill your system on your own and risk inhaling it. HVAC service technicians may check for this problem during maintenance or they may perform refills separately.

Dirty Socks

A musty and unpleasant odor resembling that of dirty socks is a reliable sign of biological growth in your system. This happens most frequently inside ductwork but may occur virtually anywhere. You’ll need professionals to come by, inspect your system and clean all such growths.

Burning Rubber or Plastic

Heat pumps run on electricity, which means that some danger exists that wiring issues might burn another part of the system. In sufficiently serious cases, a fire may erupt. If this does happen, it typically means that certain wires have lost insulation or have breaks or tears on them that make it possible for electricity to fly out and melt plastic or inflict damage of some other kind.

Don’t ignore any of these heat pump odors. Once you notice them, call Ted’s HVAC, Plumbing & Electrical to schedule heat pump repair services today.

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