Spring comes with its fair share of allergies. When seasonal allergies flare up, it can be more difficult to breathe properly if your home is still filled with dust and dander. Here are several ways that cleaning the air ducts will help with your spring allergies in Timberlake, NC:

Reduces Airborne Particles

Getting rid of airborne particles lowers the chances of you having an allergic reaction. This includes the areas inside and outside your ventilation system and ductwork.

Cleaning your house regularly is the most effective way to keep dirt at bay. Clean your home’s many surfaces and get a professional to clean your air ducts. This is a great way to start managing allergies.

Eradicate Pathogens

Biological contaminants are common in every household. Unfortunately, they’re also a common allergy trigger. As cold air passes through your HVAC system, water vapor may build up in your home’s air ducts and create extra humidity.

Bacterial growth thrives in humid, moist environments. This makes your ducts the ideal breeding ground for irritating, allergy-inducing pollutants.

Accumulation of biological contaminants in your home may be the cause of unexplained sniffles, skin irritation, frequent coughs or even brain fog. Professional rotary brush cleaning can remove all types of growth from your ductwork, resulting in cleaner, healthier indoor air.

Reduce Dust Mite Spread

Finally, dust mites survive on a diet of human skin cells. Therefore, they gravitate toward the areas of your home where you spend the most time.

You shed skin regularly, so your favorite household places are likely to be dust mite hot spots. Since your home’s ductwork also includes a lot of dust, those little bugs will enjoy hanging out there as well. Cleaning the air ducts will help reduce the presence of dust mites.

Service from Ted’s HVAC improves your indoor air quality and makes your home free of allergy-inducing particles. Our team of professionals is always ready to optimize your HVAC system for efficiency. Contact us today to schedule a duct cleaning service, HVAC maintenance or AC repair.

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