5 Benefits of a Ductless HVAC System in Chapel Hill, NC

Advanced ductless HVAC systems have gained immense popularity in the past few years. Wall-mounted mini-splits are the most common ductless HVAC systems. Below are the top benefits of investing in a ductless HVAC system in Chapel Hill, NC.

Enhanced Efficiency

Firstly, ductless HVAC units boast top-tier efficiency. Energy-Star rated ductless HVAC systems have a higher SEER rating. Consequently, these units utilize minimal heating energy during winter.

Research shows that a ductless HVAC unit reduces energy consumption by 20% to 30%. With a ductless HVAC unit, you can save on your monthly heating bills.

Silent Running

Unlike ducted units, mounted mini-split heating systems have a silent and smooth operation. You can enjoy indoor warmth without any noise distractions.

Essentially, ductless heating units use small fans to enhance air circulation. Mini-split HVAC units use conduits to enhance smooth air delivery. To a great extent, these conduits minimize noise and vibrations experienced as the hot air circulates.

Environmental Safety

Because ductless HVAC units have a high SEER rating, they have a very minimal carbon footprint. Additionally, ductless HVAC units allow independent operations, so you can strategically install these systems in different rooms. Carbon emission is, therefore, smaller with ductless heating units.

Enhanced Indoor Air Quality

Another remarkable advantage of ductless HVAC systems is the enhanced quality of the indoor air. Ducts provide a convenient thriving environment for bacterial growth and other contaminants.

Ductless units, on the other hand, have advanced filters, some of which are 99.97% efficient in eliminating pollutants and dust present in the indoor atmosphere. Improved indoor air quality ensures the utmost safety from respiratory illnesses and persistent headaches.

Improved Operational Flexibility

Finally, ductless HVAC systems are far more flexible than ducted units. You can install ductless heating units within different rooms in your home. This makes it so everyone can enjoy their most preferred temperature.

Ted’s HVAC, Plumbing & Electrical is your expert partner for professional ductless HVAC installation and maintenance. Contact us today for top-quality ductless air conditioning and heating services.

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