5 Benefits of Choosing a Packaged HVAC System in Mebane, NC

Your Mebane, NC, home might rely on a separate heater and air conditioner to maintain its internal climate, but there might be a better option. A packaged system combines these two systems in one cabinet and is alluring if you want to conserve space and save money. Enjoy the same levels of heating and cooling from a smaller package as well as these other benefits a packaged HVAC system provides:


Many of our packaged HVAC systems are available at affordable prices. Since packaged systems don’t have as much equipment, hardware or parts compared to multi-unit systems, you don’t have to buy as much physical inventory. Those savings get reflected in your initial purchase price.

Cheaper Installation

The same reasons that make packaged HVAC systems cheaper to buy also frequently make them cheaper to install. Your service technician has fewer parts or pieces to unpack and install. The entire process should go faster, and that can result in lower installation costs.

Energy Savings

Features such as home automation zoning are a great way to save money on your heating and cooling bills. Many packaged HVAC systems have different equipment options for you to choose from so you can match your home’s needs. Look for an ENERGY STAR-rated system for maximum savings.

Simpler Maintenance

A packaged HVAC system gets situated in one location that service technicians can easily access when necessary. That means they should spend less time on maintenance and repair calls so that labor costs might be lower. It also means their presence disrupts your home less as they conduct their professional duties.

Less Space

Most packaged HVAC systems sit in a single cabinet placed outside with everything necessary for your home’s heating and cooling in one place. That frees up square footage in your home to get used for other purposes.

A packaged HVAC system can help you as part of a new home or as a renovation to your current house. It saves space, energy and money while simplifying matters across the board. Contact Ted’s HVAC, Plumbing & Electrical for your home’s next HVAC installation.

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