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AC Repair in Chapel Hill, Durham & Roxboro, NC

The best way to keep your family happy during a hot and humid Roxboro summer is to have an air conditioner you can rely on to keep your home cool. When the weather soars into the 90s for days or weeks on end, you can’t risk coming home to an air conditioner that’s not doing its job.

At Ted’s HVAC, we know how important it is to have an air conditioner you can rely on. We offer fast, reliable air conditioning repair services for any cooling system in your Chapel Hill or Durham home. With our after-hours emergency service, you can count on us to fix your AC long after business hours and even on weekends.

When you need quick, reliable air conditioning repairs in Roxboro or the surrounding communities, call Ted’s HVAC today at (919) 404-7957 or contact us online to request an estimate.

Signs Your Durham AC Unit Needs Repair

If your AC won’t turn on or blows warm air, it’s obvious you need repair services ASAP. Sometimes there are less noticeable signs that your air conditioner is failing. Look for the following indicators that your AC isn’t working as it should:

  • Higher than normal energy bills
  • Unusual sounds from your AC unit
  • Water leaks and standing pools of water near the unit
  • Uneven cooling throughout your home
  • Blocked air flow
  • Unusual odors from the AC unit

If you’ve noticed one or more of these conditions, your best bet is to schedule an appointment for air conditioning repairs. The experts at Ted’s HVAC will inspect your entire air conditioning system, diagnose the problem, and get the cold air flowing again in your Roxboro home. Call for an appointment at (919) 404-7957 or schedule online today.

Air Conditioner Repair vs. Replacement in the Durham & Chapel Hill Area

Occasionally one repair is all it takes to get your air conditioner running smoothly again. However, if you repeatedly call for service and see repair bills mounting up, it could be time to consider installing a brand new air conditioning system. If you notice the following signs, replacement might be the right choice for you:

  • Your AC unit is 10-15 years old. Heavy use for over a decade means your AC system is nearing the end of its lifespan and you should consider replacing it with a new, more energy-efficient model.
  • A spike in electric bills. An old, ineffective AC unit has to work overtime to meet the cooling needs in your home.
  • Unreliable cooling. When your unit can’t circulate enough cold air throughout your home despite the thermostat setting, it might be time to invest in a new system.
  • Too many service calls. If you’re paying for repairs every few months or even twice a year, your unit is probably no longer up to the job.

At Ted’s HVAC, our trained technicians can inspect your air conditioner for these warning signs and discuss whether repairs or replacement is the best option for your system. Give us a call today at (919) 404-7957 for an AC repair or replacement appointment in Durham, Roxboro, or Chapel Hill.

Chapel Hill & Durham’s Leading Air Conditioning Repair Contractors

At Ted’s HVAC, we pride ourselves on being the best air conditioner contractor in Roxboro. To meet our customer service standards, we devote more than 200 hours to employee training each year so that our technicians can learn the latest HVAC technology and trends. That training equals technicians with top industry know-how to effectively install, repair, and maintain your air conditioner to your complete satisfaction.

When you need air conditioning repairs in Chapel Hill, Durham, or Roxboro, call Ted’s HVAC at (919) 404-7957 or contact us online.